Waves, Rain and Downtime

Two weeks in! Thankfully it seems like time is moving at a slow pace – seems to be the normal speed of things around here. Not too much to update this time around. This past week the weather was fairly stormy most of the time. SUPER windy with crazy downpours of rain every few hours. It turned our beach into about half of its size and now covered in seaweed unfortunately.

Our tiny beach covered in seaweed
Tiny little medusas (jellyfish) washing up on shore. Very pretty but they still sting. 

Luckily – we found a really great beach about 20-25 minutes north from here (walking.) During the sun breaks, and when I wasn’t working, we’d wander up there to play in the huge waves that the wind was bringing in – it’s been way too long since either of us have stayed in the ocean for hours just having a blast swimming under and letting the waves crash on us.

The beaches get better just a short walk north
I never know how to pose
Fun in the sun!

And of course…MORE FOOD! I found a blog that led us to a place that only sells two things: lamb tacos and lamb stew. I’m a huge lamb fan so I knew we had to venture up there (about a 2 mile walk or so from our studio.) It was called El Borrego Loco (not be confused with borrega…which apparently means prostitute.) The tacos are a bit more expensive than most other places (around 18 pesos versus 10-13) since I guess lamb harder to come by around here. But they were so worth it. By far the best tacos we’ve had since we’ve been here!


We’re learning quickly that our neighborhood – although there’s a lot of options for food – it’s very hit or miss. But mostly miss. Most of the time we’ve walked into a place and we’re not sure if they’re open because the entire staff (of maybe 3 or 4) is sitting around watching TV or looking at their phones. After using our severely broken Spanish we find out that they are indeed open but…don’t expect too much. Our last visit to a local restaurant was interesting – our “appetizer” was a weird tomato broth soup with some Chef Boyardee type noodles in it. Not sure what that was. The server looked at his co-workers with a face like “should we just get rid of this today?” and that’s what we were given.

Kile found a guitar shop a bit closer to downtown and bought a pretty cheap guitar to have for the remainder of our trip. He’s a whole person again! Now it’s time for him to set up on the beach and make some extra cash! Kidding.


Some other fun/not-so-fun lessons and sights this week:

  • Kile stepped in another huge pile of poo on the street this week. That’s 2 for 2 now.
  • Found out that if someone flushes the toilet while you’re in the shower – the shower’s water completely shuts off.
  • Witnessed my first freshly killed animal (cat) on the street the other day. It has officially scarred me. I don’t do well with the sight of bright red blood.
  • There is an UNGODLY amount of plastic that shows up on the beach and shallow ocean after a storm. So sad.
  • Just because we’re in Mexico doesn’t mean we are escaping the ridiculous amount of political garbage happening in the States.

We’re excited for this next week – the weather is supposed to be much nicer. We are planning on heading down to Tulum on Monday for a day trip and maybe a visit to a couple cenotes. We’ll be attempting to use the public transportation aka “colectivos” to get down there. That should be an interesting story I’m sure.

Stay tuned!

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