Our Month of Transition – Changes, Road Trips and a bit of Norovirus!

So much has happened in the past month since I’ve written I’m not quite sure how to go about summing it all up. Kile and I officially moved out of our 325 sq ft studio on January 31st. It was seriously surprising to see how much crap we seemed to have crammed in such a small amount of space. But somehow we did it! Narrowed our lives down to about 3 big plastic bins and our backpacks.

Bye bye tiny studio!

I think the hardest part of saying goodbye to the studio was saying goodbye (temporarily) to our cat – Mr. Beep Boop. We are SO lucky to have amazing friends who are going to take care of him for the next year or so while we’re on our travels.

God I’m going to miss that face!

Our lease at our apartment in Playa del Carmen, Mexico doesn’t start until March 1st (tomorrow! yay!) so we moved into Kile’s sister’s guest bedroom for the month of February. Again – mad props to all of our friends and family who have helped us reach our goal. We seriously couldn’t have accomplished everything we wanted to without everyone’s encouragement and help.

Staying with his sis was great too because we got some quality family time in with our niece and nephew aka the cutest kids ever. Although – since everyone knew we were leaving in a month it seemed like we had plans almost every night. Visiting with friends we wanted to see before we left, eating at restaurants we knew we wouldn’t see for a while, little road trips around the area.

Speaking of road trips – we had to drop my car off down in Eugene at Kile’s parents house where it will stay until about mid-May when we come back for a brief month again. So we decided to do one more epic drive down the 101 to see the coast. There’s something about that crisp, clean, ocean air at the Oregon Coast that you really cannot find anywhere else in the world. We had to get a couple last lung-fulls in!


Devil’s Churn – UNREAL. Some serious power.

Along our coastal road trip it’s usually protocol to get some fresh oyster shooters. We always make it a point. Unfortunately for us – we didn’t read the paper that morning and didn’t know there was a Norovirus outbreak at the local oyster farm. Soooo….after 3 oysters each – we realized about a day later that we got to partake in the outbreak. This was the day before we were getting on the plane to come to Mexico. Can you say horrible timing?!

Luckily – our symptoms mostly cleared up in a day and were able to board our plane. Had we still been hugging the porcelain throne we would have had to postpone our trip so it looks like the gods were on our side. I don’t wish that virus on my worst enemy, by the way.

Both of us dying. Day before our trip.

We realized throughout this past month how lucky we are to have such great people in our lives. This is BY FAR what/who we’ll miss the most while we’re gone. My girlfriends (the best people in the world) made it a point to have weekly meetups. We received invites from everyone to stay with them. I mean – just completely lucky to have so much love in our lives.

SO! Yesterday we boarded a plane to Mexico and we made it safe and sound. Despite a completely terrifying take off from Portland – I’ve never experienced turbulence that bad in my life. I kept thinking what a cruel joke it would be if we happened to crash on our takeoff to paradise after so much planning. But we’re alive! And feeling MUCH better.

Our lease in our little apartment begins tomorrow. We’re staying in a rented room with an amazing host last night and tonight. She has two adorable dogs which is a major plus and she’s showing us around the hood to figure out where to get water, groceries, etc.

Now that we’re here and our new crazy life has begun I’m looking forward to keeping everyone updated on our adventures! Here’s to the future!


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  1. Bente says:

    I’m so very proud of you 2!!

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