Soaking in the Summer – Last One Before We Leave!

Summer in the Pacific Northwest has yet again proven to be an incredible place to be. Although we could really do without the record high temps we’ve been racking up this year. No thanks to 100+ days. Regardless, we just adore this place in the summer. And thank our lucky stars for our A/C unit. Last year around this time, when I was writing about what I called “The Oregon Summer Trap,” I remember feeling differently than I do now about what we were about to embark on in terms of this long-term travel plan of ours. I remember feeling much more scared about if we could really do it and almost sad in a way – sad about leaving the familiar and all the people I love.

We started this process over a year ago (in about May 2014) – deciding we really would love to sell everything we own, pay off all of our debts, save a nice bit of money, and just explore the world for a while. We’ve now been living in our little 325 square foot studio for exactly a year and it’s been…small…but we’re making it work. Now that we’re 10 months away from going halfway across the world, it’s this moment of feeling like that’s right around the corner but at the same time FOREVER away. Kile and I are both getting more and more antsy by the Monday. It’s starting to feel a bit like Groundhog’s Day during our Monday-Friday routines which is why I feel like this year there’s more of an excitement and anticipation of leaving versus the fear. Check with me in about 8 months, I’m sure the fear will be back.

Since we both can’t stand the monotony of the weekly grind, we of course must do our best to keep our sanity – and that’s by getting as far away from that monotony as possible on the weekends!

Kile and I drove south to Eugene two weekends ago to see his parents and to have a chill, relaxing weekend. I love going to Eugene. It’s the perfect little size of a city (maybe ‘town’ is a more appropriate description?) and honestly, it might even be weirder than Portland but in the old school Portland way that I love. We hung out and watched Kile’s dad’s band play at a cute little vineyard outside of town. We ended the weekend with a popular hike at Spencer Butte. I loved this hike because I had never hiked in Eugene before. It was really awesome and refreshing to see new views and landscapes. You can even see Autzen Stadium from the top. Go Ducks!


Last weekend was our most anticipated local getaway of the season – the Annual White River Camping and Shenanigans Trip! About 15-20 of our friends (and about 5 dogs) drive up to a secluded no-frills campground at the base of Mt Hood off the White Salmon river. It’s great because we’ve pretty much staked our claim here for the past 3 years. It’s literally right on the river and it’s 3 days of laughing non-stop, playing fun camping games and chatting with friends while posted up in camping chairs mid-stream. The stargazing was INSANE – by far a highlight. We also threw a birthday in there for one of our best friends, Kathleen, just to top it off.

Friends at White River
Friends at White River
We renamed it the Chai Tea Latte
We renamed it the Chai Tea Latte


Once again, we’re having a great summer with friends and family. I’m really trying to remind myself to soak all of this in because I know the year that we’re gone is a long time to be away from the people you love being around.

Keep it all in perspective.

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  1. Inger says:

    Proud Mom!!! 🙆❤️😘😘😘

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