Life Update!

I know I can get a bit philisophical in my posts sometimes and forget about letting everyone know how our plans are coming along. So here’s a little update to share!

Kile and I have still been keeping up our same routine as far as budgeting goes. I’m actually very excited to say that we’ve reached our halfway mark for our savings goal! At this point it looks like we’ll be able to reach the golden number somewhere near May or June of next year. SO CLOSE…yet so far.

Work has been difficult for us both the past few weeks. It seems like both of our jobs are feast or famine. The problem with my current job – is after a huge and intense busy week, I don’t feel rewarded in any way. Just tired and needing a weekend. All of which triggers my desire to leave…like now. At the same time, I really try and stay grateful for all the things I have right now. The fact that we both have jobs that can pay us enough to save money to travel for a year is pretty damn cool. Sometime I just gotta check myself before I wreck myself.

Student loans are dwindling down – such a great feeling. I doubt I’ll have them all paid off by the time we leave, but I’ll definitely have the payments down to something much more reasonable than where they were a year ago when we started this whole thing. It’s disheartening to think that, aside from rent, this is our biggest bill every month. Gross.

In the past few weeks we’ve definitely stayed busy having fun and being with our friends. Derby Day being a highlight of every year – we all dress up in the big hats and fancy dresses. Our dudes don’t seem to care much about the fashion part of it but it’s still a blast. And Kile won big on the final race!




We’ve had a couple great weekends at the Oregon Coast and in Hood River. Most recently we spent our Memorial Day weekend outside of Astoria (Goonies!!) at an adorable Airbnb. I absolutely love Astoria. It’s just small enough and there’s a ton of charm. Delicious seafood, great breweries, and not to mention a badass shipwreck!

Friends climbing on the wreck
Friends climbing on the wreck

Currently we’re just moving along as planned – actually a bit faster than planned which is nothing to complain about at all. We’re looking forward to a summer full of mini adventures (and a trip to the Cayman Islands!), friends and family.

Keep you posted!

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